This is what 25 years worth of one band’s music looks like It’s official, y’all. Twenty (20!!!) years ago today, Hanson’s debut album Middle of Nowhere was released. (They’ve actually been a band for 25 years, and released two independent albums prior to 1997.) And although it wouldn’t be until a few weeks later that I […]

I joined a small group at my church back in March of 2009. We shared our prayer requests, and mine was that I was unhappy at my job (for many reasons I won’t go into here) and I wanted something new. I didn’t mind my actual work (accounting), it was the company I had problems […]

This past weekend, my roommates and I went on a road-trip together to visit my home town and Stacy’s home town (they are only an hour apart). We had talked about doing this for several months and the timing was just right. Three of the four of us are in transition right now before moving […]

this is actually something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time. i wrote about it before, in several posts (here, here, here, and here), about how i was trying to figure out what exactly my story is. well. it’s two years later. and i found it. and i wrote it out. and i […]

on my 29th birthday, my roommates and i spent the morning walking the pedestrian bridge. it wasn’t as long as i excepted actually, but it was fun to walk across and get a great view of the skyline. here’s one of the pictures i snapped along the way:

as part of my 29th birthday celebration, my friends stacy, suzanne, and chad accompanied me to gun city, usa. the place was every bit as shady as the name. we rented a 38 revolver and a 9mm automatic. i wasn’t a fan of the automatic at all (i only shot two bullets from it), but […]

i’ve actually had this for awhile, i just neglected to update my blog. here’s hoping that by finally posting about it, i won’t jinx myself and have an emergency.