So… yeah. Um… for those of you NOT in the St. Joseph, MI area…. Friday we had a TERRIBLE storm come through. They said there was no confirmation of a tornado but that the evidence was there. Winds were calculated at 102 mph, causing a semi to be knocked over on the interstate. I was driving to work during the storm – going 10 mph not being able to see a thing at all, power lines were down, some weren’t down but were smoking, trees were down, 38,000 people in St. Joe alone were without power (75,000 in the area) – and it’s a small town kinda so that’s a lot. Umm.. I drove through a parking lot where the water was 2 1/2 feet high… yeah… good times. A lot of people still don’t have power. It’s crazy. Umm… that’s all I have.

So this is probably the longest I’ve gone without writing in this thing, hahaha. I’ve been busy with stuff like Warner Camp training and hanging out with friends and starting work (at Kilwin’s downtown) and unpacking and all that business. Umm… so that’s about it, not too much to say I guess. This summer is gonna be good, I’m excited. Even though there won’t be as many Rock Solid events and even though I won’t be able to go to all of them anyway (because of work) it’s still gonna be a good summer, so yeah I’m definately excited. Umm… yeah that’s all. Bye for now.

This is my last post of the school year (though I will be posting during summer)… but let me just say a few words of wisdom…

1) Creepy statues of Jesus are just creepy, there’s no other way to explain it

2) Pool parties in dorm rooms, with kiddie pools and no water, are, well…. hahaha try it for yourself

3) Three short floor girls, one boyfriend, and seventy-seven cups of jello equals stickiness for life!

I heart weekends on campus! It’s been awhile since I’ve been around, so I’m really enjoying this. Plus, this is the last one of the school year, so everyone’s running around trying to balance studying, packing, and hanging out with people before we all leave. Speaking of which… I think Jenna and Tif are here… woot! movie time!